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Used Pianos for Sale

All students enrolling at the Piano Academy should have a good quality piano to practice on. In the early 1900's the piano was in it's 'Celtic Tiger' or Golden Era. The average home in Dublin had a piano in their living room as an important centrepiece not to mention a fine addition as a piece of 'furniture'. Most people knew how to play something on the piano.

Today, most children and adults are glued to their technology. Whether it's an iPhone, iPad, or the TV… the problem with all this technology is that it's very one dimensional. Society is quickly losing touch with the finer things in life. Art, culture and of course music! Playing the piano involves a three dimensional approach, as you will need to use your fingers, hands, arms, legs and feet and judge distances to improve coordination. Not to mention developing your ear and how you hear or listen to music. Anyone can learn the piano! You don't need to pass an exam or get a license.

You just need to have the interest and a real piano to get started! We have a very good selection of starter pianos by Weinbach and Knight and often also come across high quality grand pianos, like Petrof and Yamahas for sale in the Dublin area. Prices typically range from €1,500 to €10,000. Please contact us to schedule a viewing. You won't be disappointed!
If you have a piano you would like to sell, please email us with a photo, location and price and we will list it for a one time fee of €50. The ad will stay up until the piano is sold!

Weinbach Upright

PAI Student Marco di Marzio enters international piano competition
This beautiful Weinbach piano is for sale for at a very affordable price of €2000! Great starter piano for the beginner. Kept in tune and maintained to standard. This piano was made in the Czech Republic.
SOLD! Petrof Model III 6' 3" €10,000
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This is a six foot four three Petrof grand piano with a gloss black finish and comes with a professional German made bench. Built in the late 1980s this used grand piano will make a nice addition to any stately home. All hammers are in great condition and this piano has been kept in a humidity and temperature controlled environment.

Petrof pianos are a hand made piano from the Czech Republic and outperforms many European, Asian instruments of more value. The sound is inviting, lyrical and powerful but never harsh. This instrument is capable of a large dynamic range and the sound is very focused. Don't miss this opportunity to own a quality instrument in excellent condition! These pianos usually sell for €40,000 new and €20,000 used.

Call us today to schedule a viewing. You won't be disappointed! 01 4972333