10th Annual National Piano Festival | Welcome from the Directors | 12th - 15th March 2020
Piano Lessons Dublin

Welcome from the Directors

Dear Teachers, Parents & Piano Enthusiasts,
Now in our 15th year, the Piano Academy of Ireland has a proud passion for piano! We are deeply dedicated, through music education, performances and appreciation, to inspiring and motivating students of all ages, levels and abilities, as we celebrate this beautiful instrument! 
Save the dates! This year’s Festival takes place  ~
13th – 15th March, 2020.
Location: Rathgar Methodist Church, Brighton Road, Rathgar, Dublin 6.
Closing date for registration is Friday 21st February 2020.

10th Annual National Piano Festival

Let’s take a moment to recognise and appreciate a communication that transcends all religious, racial, political and economic barriers: the artistic language, the POWER of MUSIC!

Our world is shrinking. The mere ‘click’ of a button on our computer or phone puts us in contact with anyone anywhere in the world. Look at us for example, having made the choice for now, to take care of Archie’s mother in the USA, 5,000 miles away. But yet we are here with you today. Geographical barriers no longer isolate us from our global neighbours. We are challenged to find a common ground for mutual human understanding. There is only one language that embraces everyone: MUSIC. And if we want our children to have a world-class complete education of mind, heart and spirit, we must allow our children the chance for a musical education.

We are grateful for all our Festival participants, who have chosen to participate and put forth the effort in learning, rehearsing and performing for us today at the piano at the Piano Academy of Ireland. The disciplines learned in music classes reinforce a standard of excellence that is required for success not just in music, but in all of life!

With round-the-clock piano performances, our aim is to acknowledge fully all performances, and pianists are urged to develop and showcase their unique talents and perform with individuality, personality, originality and spontaneity! Beginners are most welcome to enjoy maybe their first performance moment too! All Participants will receive valuable feedback reports from experienced pianists, certificates of commendation...there are trophies & medals galore, along with €800 in cash prizes…We don’t want anyone to go home empty handed and so we hope you enjoy our small token GIFT….most important of all however, is the ‘positive’ vibe you will experience at PAI and hopefully, the will and desire to keep on learning and performing! 

2020 Festival is in Memory of DEIRDRE DOYLE, RIP (1938 - 2018) 
Also remembering BOB SMYTH, RIP ( - 2017)
Also remembering Edmund Battersby ( - 2016)
Also remembering
Clive Gouldson, RIP (1934 - 2011) 
And so we welcome you all to our 10th Festival  of 2020 & what promises to be an enriching experience for all! Please share this information booklet with all lovers of Piano. 
Please note that the closing date for registration is Friday 21st February 2020
We look forward to seeing you all there for a fun weekend!
Yours truly,

Rhona Gouldson & Archie Chen

PAI Faculty member Tetyana Vlasyuk remembers the late Deirdre Doyle

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