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  1. Solo Under 6 years
  2. Solo Under 8 years
  3. Solo Under 10 years
  4. Solo Under 12 years
  5. Sonatina Under 12 years*
  6. Solo Repertoire Under 12 years**
  7. Solo Under 14 years
  8. Solo Under 16 years
  9. Solo Under 18 years
  10. Solo Etude Open (no age limit)***
  11. Piano Concerto Open (no age limit)****
  12. Solo Adult Bronze Jubilee Pre-Grade 5 (over 18)
  13. Solo Adult Silver Jubilee Post-Grade 5 (over 18)
  14. Duet Under 10 years
  15. Duet Under 16 years

*To perform the first OR last movement from any Sonatina.
**To present 5 - 7 minutes of contrasting repertoire, minimum of 2 pieces representing different styles/moods. Please note performers presenting a programme under the time limit will not be considered for a prize.
***To present one Piano Etude by one of the following composers: Hummel, Moscheles, Herz, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Chopin, Liszt, Alkan, Henselt, Smetana, Gottschalk, Saint-Saens, Moszkowski, Lyadov, MacDowell, Debussy, Busoni, Godowsky, Scriabin, Rachmaninov, Bartok, Stravinsky, Szymanowski, Prokofiev, Lutoslawski, Ligeti, Glass, or Bolcom.
****To present one movement from a piano concerto of own choice. Orchestral part to be provided by the competitor. A second piano will be provided.


1st prize: Cup & Gold medal
2nd prize: Silver medal
3rd prize: Bronze medal

THIS YEAR'S SPECIAL PRIZES – sponsored by various private donors & PAI

As well as an array of trophies and medals, we have two special awards to present in honour of the late Clive Gouldson:

~ A cash prize of €150 will be presented to the most promising Junior Pianist.
~ A cash prize of €300 will be presented to the most promising Senior Pianist.
In addition, there will be three special prizes:
~ The Emerald Award and a cash prize of €75 will be presented to the best performance of a piece by an Irish Composer from any category;
~ The Virtuoso Cup and a cash prize of €125 will be presented to the winner of the Solo Etude Open category &
~ The Bob Smyth Cup & €150 cash prize will be awarded to the winner of the Concerto category.

Past National Piano Festival Prize Winners


U6 Daniel Zhu
U8 Pei Xi Saoirse Pu
U10 Ryan Keogh
U12 Anita Han
Sonatina U12 Pei Lin Oisin Pu
Repertoire U12 Pei Lin Oisin Pu
U14 Anna Hrymak Quinn
U16 Jinlong John Situ
U18 Stan O' Beirne
Concerto Open Leo Mac Nally
Adult Silver Jubilee Post Grade 5 Myn Fitzpatrick
Duet U16 Anita Han & Ryan Keogh
Emerald Award Yichen Yao
Clive Gouldson Junior Award Pei Lin Oisin Pu
Clive Gouldson Senior Award Myn Fitzpatrick


U6 Ella Siyu Liu
U8 Emily McCarthy
U10 Grace Bai
Duet Under 10: Lucas & Jody Wang
Duet Under 16 Not Awarded
U12 Pei Lin Oisin Pu
Sonatina U12 LuoXi Xu
Repertoire U12 Ethan Bai
U14 Pei Lin Oisin Pu
U16 Pei Lin Oisin Pu
U18 Dylan Hanly
Bob Smyth Concerto Open Stan O' Beirne
Pre Grade 5, Bronze Jubilee Pearse Crowley
Adult Silver Jubilee Post Grade 5 Laura Finn
Emerald Award Maria Nasypanaya
Clive Gouldson Junior Award Pei Lin Oisin Pu
Clive Gouldson Senior Award Stan O' Beirne
2021 ☘️LIMERICK Contest ✍️AWARDS:

Very Highly Commended:
Bob Turvey - Bristol, UK
Bonnie Neubauer - Havertown, Pennsylvania, USA

Joint 3rd:
Emily Mc Carthy - Dublin
Mac Chen - Kirkland, Washington, USA

Joint 2nd:
Ciara Cassoni - Kells, Co Meath
Dick Warwick - Oakesdale, Washington, USA

Dave O’ Sullivan - Co Kildare


Solo Under 6 - Not awarded
Solo Under 8 Daniel Zhu
Solo Under 10 Rebecca Yu
Duet Under 10 Marco Li & Leo Wang
Duet Under 16: Kexin Zhang & Zoe Yu
Solo Under 12 Ethan Bai
Sonatina Under 12 Lan Chen Liu
Repertoire Under 12 Coco Luoxi Xu
Solo Under 14 John Ding
Solo Under 16 Zongwen Wu
Solo Under 18 Not Awarded
Adult Silver Jubilee Post Grade 5" Maeve O' Regan
Virtuoso Cup Dylan Hanly
Emerald Award Molly Devaney
Clive Gouldson Junior Award John Ding
Clive Gouldson Senior Award Zongwen Wu
2022 ☘️LIMERICK Contest ✍️AWARDS:

1. Dick Warwick - Oakesdale, WA, USA
2. Rachel McCabe - Co. Monaghan
3. Teresa Mahon - Do. Dublin

1. Leah Elwood - Co Galway
2. Sheba Chen - Spokane, WA, USA
3. Ava Marie Mc Cabe - Co. Monaghan


U6 Athenais Dominique Selve
U8 Sheba Chen
U10 Solomon Chen
Duet U10 Aristide Claude Illya Selve & Georgina Yu Her Ter
U12 Conor Dixon
Sonatina U12 James Guerrero
Repertoire U12 Gerry Yang
U14 Stan O'Beirne
U16 Dida Condria
U18 Aidan Chan
Pre-5 Jubilee (Bronze) not awarded
Adult Silver Jubilee Post Grade 5 not awarded
Emerald Award Tiago Dennehy


U6 Lucas Lin
U8 Maria Motsonelidze
U10 Melodie Nekrasova
Duet U10 Solomon Clive Chen & Sheba Hisa Chen
U12 Maria Nasypanaya
Sonatina U12 Solomon Clive Chen
Repertoire U12 David Walega
U14 Eoin Maher
U16 Stan O'Beirne
Duet U16 Ekaterina Dementyeva & Georgy Dementyeva
U18 Bethany Edgar
Pre-5 Jubilee (Bronze) not awarded
Adult Silver Jubilee Post Grade 5 Brendan Kennedy
Etude Under 25 Dida Condria
Emerald Award Emma Wang
Clive Gouldson Junior Award Pei Lin Oisin Pu
Clive Gouldson Senior Award Dida Condria


U6 Pei Xi Saoirse Pu
U8 Pei Lin Oisin Pu
U10 Rana O' Sullivan
Duet U10 Jada Smith & Reuben Avery
U12 Solomon Clive Chen
Repertoire U12 Charlie Mc Hugh
Sonatina U12 Maria Nasypanaya
U14 Leo MacNally
U16 Eoin Maher
Duet U16 James & Jeannine Guerrero
U18 Michael Carey
Robert Smyth Junior Concerto Dida Condria
Pre-5 Jubilee (Bronze) Jo Parada
Adult Silver Jubilee Post Grade 5 Bethany Edgar
Etude Under 25 Brendan Kennedy
Emerald Award Solomon Clive Chen
Clive Gouldson Junior Award Solomon Clive Chen
Clive Gouldson Senior Award Stan O' Beirne


Solo U6: Solomon Chen
Solo U8: Conor Dixon
Solo U10: Nora Ronan
Duet U10: Joseph Sheng Zher Ter & Stephanie Chu Er Siak
Solo U12: Isolde O' Loughlin
Solo Repertoire U12: Dida Condria
Solo U14: Aidan Chan
Solo U16: Ryan Joseph McGrath
Solo U18: Carmel Comiskey
Adult Silver Jubilee Post Grade 5 Holly Murphy
Solo Golden Jubilee: Hilary Dungan
Emerald Cup: Isolde O' Loughlin


U6 Sheba Chen
U8 James Guerrero
U10 Defne Gultoprak
Duet U10 Jeannine Guerrero & James Guerrero
U12 Nora Ronan
Sonatina U12 Sidi Bao
U14 Antonia Huang
U14 Defne Gultoprak
U16 Aidan Chan
U18 Peter Mullen
Pre-5 Jubilee (Bronze) Donal Galvin
Adult Silver Jubilee Post Grade 5 Killian Grumley Traynor


U6 Maria Motsonelidze
U8 Solomon Chen
U10 Maria Nasypanaya
Duet U10 Sheba Chen & Solomon Chen
U12 Stan O'Beirne
Sonatina U12 Leo MacNally
Repertoire U12 Nora Ronan
U14 Ledidq Condria
U16 Michael Carey
Duet U16 Lim Meng-Lah & Gerry Yang
U18 JJ McNamara
Pre-5 Jubilee (Bronze) not awarded
Adult Silver Jubilee Post Grade 5 not awarded
Emerald Award Stan O'Beirne


Solo U6: Not Awarded
Solo U8: Rachel Low
Solo U10: Conor Johnston
Solo U12: Adam Shaw
Solo U14: Lauren Fehily
Solo U16: Francesca Keane
Solo U18: Thea Koutsoukis
Solo U25: Penelope Maguire
Solo U40: Not Awarded
Solo P40: Marco Di Marzio & Mark Duffy


Solo U6: Joe O' Grady
Solo U8: Stan O' Beirne
Solo U10: Rachel Low
Solo U12: Conor Johnston
Solo U14: Adam Shaw
Solo U16: Not Awarded
Solo U18: Ellen Duffy
Solo U25: Conor O' Shea
Solo Bronze Jubilee: Michael Bevan
Solo Silver Jubilee: Jane Brownlee


Solo U6: James Guerrero
Solo U8: Joe O' Grady
Solo U10: Milena Cuk
Duet U10: Niall Connolly & Christine Wang
Solo U12: Jiou Wu
Solo U14: Ryan Joseph McGrath
Solo U16: Carmel Comiskey
Solo U18: Peter Regan
Solo Silver Jubilee: Killian Grumley Traynor
Solo Golden Jubilee: Helen Redwood
Emerald Cup: John Prendergast

Past Adjudicators

2020 Adjudicator: Dr. Yonit Kosovske
2018 Adjudicators: Veronica McSwiney & Roy Holmes
2017 Adjudicators: Colma Brioscu & Dr. Orla Mc Donagh
2016 Adjudicators: Una Hunt & Mairead Hurley
2015 Adjudicators: Anthony Byrne & Conor Linehan
2014 Adjudicators: Dr. David Mooney & Dr. Mary Lennon
2013 Adjudicators: Dr. Mary Lennon & Prof Pádhraic Ó Cuinneagáin
2012 Adjudicator: Prof Pádhraic Ó Cuinneagáin
2011 Adjudicator: Prof Ray Keary RIAM
2010 Adjudicator: Prof Lance Coburn RIAM
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