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"At the Piano Academy of Ireland, we determine the student’s level of interest and willingness to learn but we are not necessarily interested in assessing a person’s degree of talent before deciding if they are ‘teachable’. Most people will never make a career out of music but shouldn’t be denied a musical education. It gives us great joy to see students of all levels progress week to week while gaining in confidence & enjoying the process of learning! For those that show more ability & talent, our team also has the expertise, the drive and passion to inspire and steer them in the right direction."

- Rhona Gouldson, Principal Director

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Piano tuition is one-to-one and is offered to students of approximately 5 years old and above. Occasionally we may start a student that is younger if the child comes from a musical background, but it is usually best to wait until the child is 5 and has already completed some school and will absorb knowledge like a sponge! If a child waits until they are truly ready to start the piano, they will make speedy progress.

We find that one-to-one tuition is the best type of tuition to nurture the individual needs of a student. No two students are the same, and each will learn in a different way and aim for different goals. Our specifically designed programme is tailored towards the needs of each student. Individual tuition is the best way to use the time we have with a student, and to bring them to where they want to be.

Beginners will study with a beginner’s tutor book(s) for at least a year. These books will teach them the basics of piano playing. The Piano Academy of Ireland has many tutor books to choose from, and each will introduce the student to the elements of piano playing in a slightly different sequence, all eventually reaching the same point! Our teachers will work with beginners for a number of weeks without the books before selecting an appropriate tutor for the student. This process ensures that the teacher will get to know the student before choosing a tutor that will suit the student and stimulate him/her, but that will not go too fast.
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Head Office and Studios:
1) 71B Brighton Road, Back of Methodist Church, Rathgar, D06Y497

Piano Studio:
2) Tennant Hall, Highfield Road,Christ Church, Rathgar

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